2013 Basketball Print


With the Pac-12 Conference headed back to Vegas for the second straight year for their Basketball Conference Championships, we knew it’d be the biggest show in Vegas. With a simple concept of ‘Let the Show Begin,’ we wanted to create an appeal to both the event as a whole and the individual teams participating.

We created 12 unique ads for each school with hero-shots of the top athlete from each program. Design to feel like a show-poster from Vegas, we wanted to give both the event and these athletes a “larger than life” feel consistent with the theme of Las Vegas. Also created were environmental signage pieces, room-key-card designs, postcards and brochures, all distributing different messaging about the event.


Client: Pac-12 Marketing
Creative/Art Direction: David Rickles
Design: David Rickles, Joe Brody
Copywriter: Ted Ishler