Corning: A Day Made of Glass, Part 2

The follow-up to the youtube sensation, Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass 2” picks up the Dad and Daughters’ stories of what a world with interactive glass panels could be. Corning teamed up again with Rough House Editorial, which contracting me along with a team of several artists, animators and designers to execute this future-vision.


Studios: Rough House Editorial, Westernized Productions, Elastic Creative
My Role: Art Direction, Design, Gesture Direction

Producer: Todd Lindo, Brandon Grande, Drew Fiero
Director: Dave Mackie
Creative Direction: Marcello Grande, Drew Fiero
Art Direction: David Rickles, Ratha Nou, John Sadler
Design: David Rickles, Ratha Nou, John Sadler, Carlos Tsoi, Hernan Santander, Nathan Hackett, Pigle Chung, Leslie Herring, Riota, Marco Salsiccia, and many more than I’m certain I’ve left off.