Conference of Champions

The Pac-12 Conference is more than just sports.

It’s athletes. It’s coaches. It’s fans. It’s a conference surrounded by people championing everything and anything in life — on or off the field.

The show ‘Conference of Champions’ explores the many aspects of surrounding the Pac-12 Conference. Conceptually, we wanted to embrace this idea in the show packaging. Utilizing iconic images, customized per broadcast, the images are cut apart and spaced out. As they move through time and space, they show different perspectives on the same image, as it resolves to the iconic moment. Floating within the space are terms that the Pac-12 defines as the characteristics of being a champion.


From Pac-12 Networks:
Creative Director: David Rickles
Designer/Animator: Jarrod Allen
President: Lydia Murphy-Stephans
SVP of Production: Leon Schwier
Production Studio: Radley Studios