Google: Think Insights

What better way to create an animation about video games than going retro??? Well, retro-gaming-look to be precise.

Search giant Google approach Elastic Creative following the success of the Multi-Channel Funnels project to help them do an intro video explaining their newest ‘Think Insight’ on gaming searches. Sounds simple, until you dive deep into what they’re trying to say. Google has so much information, that from the get-go, we knew we had to simplify the presentation. Clever writing helped, but needed a fun, light-hearted way to present the complex topic.

My solution: throw it back to the days when video games were simpler. Our initial designs called for 3d recreations of actual Atari games, Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Tetris to name a few. Unfortunately, due to legal concerns, we changed them to things that were similar to the original intent. In total, this video came together in 1 week, and is still in the Google arsenal.


Project: Info-Graphic Animation
Studio: Elastic Creative

My Role:
Creative/Art Direction, Design, Animation

Other Credits:
Producer: Carlos Cabrales
Writer/Director: Bill Groshelle
Designer/Animator: Carlos Tsoi
Designer/Animator: Jaan Shenberger