Pac-12 All-Century

To honor the 100th year of the Pac-12, Pac-12 Networks produced a series of shows honoring the greatest athletes in Conference history. The visual identity of this show was challenged with merging these athletes from across all the schools and generations into one unified “team” – the Pac-12 team.

We tactically set out to create a modern take on a traditional Hall of Fame. Athletes’ images are illuminated on cubes, unified in the copper and blue palette used in the Conference’s Centennial Brand. Each shot featured natural calls, echoing from the generations these greats played, bringing the viewer back to the time when they played. Simple floating digital type accents these athletes, providing even more of a modern feel, offering small, intricate details to keep the screen alive.

This piece was executed fully by Pac-12 Networks’ in-house team using 3d software. From commencement to completion was a short three weeks, executing over 100 total pieces in the full package.

The mood of the show was accurately set through the opening animation and in-show graphics. The vibe felt respectful to history, though modern in it’s approach. The athletes are honored as heroes from across the ages, while not betraying the core brand values of the Conference: Innovation, West Coast, and Excellence.


Creative Director: David Rickles
Show Producer: Bob Schmelzie, Chris Hunt
Show Editor: Joel Denbow

Art Direction: David Rickles
Design: Evan Muller, Joe Brody, David Rickles


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