2016 Pac-12 Baseball Brand

Pac-12 tasked our internal agency to rebrand Baseball’s campaign for the 2016 season.

Still celebrating the conference’s centennial, we set to work trying to marry the intricate, stats driven world of baseball with the legacy of teams past and present. The result was a beautiful spot that combines all the great numbers of the sport – both stats and heroes.

Internally, we created deliverables for every channel of media, anchored by a :30 image spot.


Creative Director: David Rickles
VP of Marketing: Heather Vaughan
Campaign Manager: Jess Daughtry

Creative Direction: David Rickles
Writer/Producer: Jaime Heppler
Art Direction: Evan Muller

Tune-in Package:
Creative Direction: David Rickles
Art Direction: Evan Muller
Designers: Joe Brody, Jessica Dorricott, Evan Muller

Full Deliverables

Tune-In Spot

Print and Web Elements