Pac-12 Networks 2012 Live Event Packages

Live Event “Olympic” Sport Open

West-Coast, Innovation and Excellence.

That was the charge placed to me by the Pac-12 in launching their 100% university owned networks. They believed in the concept of ‘connection’, something which was a literal statement in their minds of the 12 universities, their athletes and students all being connected, and strengthened as a conference.

I interpreted this connection as the energy that surrounds them all. This video, produced by our friends at Radley Studios, is the first of 3 packaging elements that embodies this concept. It showcases atheletes, beautiful in the simplicity of their crafts, being surrounded by bold minimalism and energy.


Creative Director: David Rickles
President: Lydia Murphy-Stephans
SVP of Production: Leon Schwier
Production Studio: Radley Studios

Live Event Football Open

Live Event Basketball Open