Pac-12 Networks, Studio A

Among the hardest steps in the launch of any television network is to develop the look and feel of their home-base…let alone trying to do it within 3-months. Because you only get one shot to ‘debut’.

All that considered, the studio needed to truly embody the values and geography of the Pac-12 Conference. This required looking at everything from the geography, to architecture, to even the technology of the west coast. Oh, and not to mention, it still needed to feel authentic to a sports broadcast. The solution was to use natural materials, literally, as the backbone to this amazing piece of architecture. Design studio AKA Creative Group, Inc masterfully paired the materials with deep oceanic blues, modern architectural accent pieces, large-yet-subtly-placed pieces of technology, and a large-open concept. This prevented the space from feeling too log-cabin-ish…something at high risk when using wood and rock as a foundation. Subtleties are all over the place. The shield is echoed through the the shape of the desk, the risers and the podiums. Similarly, the studio offers infinite ability to be reconfigured for expansion based on programming needs.


2012 Set of the Year: NewscastStudio


From Pac-12 Networks:
Creative Director: David Rickles
President: Lydia Murphy-Stephans
SVP of Production: Leon Schwier

From AKA Creative Group:
President: Andrew Kinsella
Creative Director/Designer: Kyle Sanvictores

Lighting: Redwood Media
Lighting Director: Steve Mulkey