Sports Report Redesign


My Role: Creative Direction, Design
Other Credits:
Art Direction: Jessica Dorricott Design: Joe Brody, Evan Mueller Senior Producer: Adam Stanco Coordinating Producer: Jeff Greenberg VP Production: Leon Schweir

At its core, Sports Report was built to be the “flagship” program of the Pac-12 Networks. It was charged with covering our more than 25 sports, and the thousands of athletes who play them, in a way no other network has done before. It successfully aims to provide a deep look at the conference both on and off the field, and to show inside access in a way no other network could.

But, after two years on-air, it became clear that the graphic packaging surrounding the show simply wasn’t supporting this mission. Originally built when the show was still forming its vision, the original graphics lacked the fun, colorful personality those creating the show continued to develop over it’s first years on air. So, the internal Creative Services team at Pac-12 Networks decided it was time for a facelift.

Over a 2-week period, extensive research was done with the core “owners” of the show. We re-wrote the core philosophy of the show into a simple, concise mission statement:

To share the stories and personalities within the Pac-12 Conference, while aiming to inform and entertain our audience.

From that core, our talented artist crafted several rounds and revisions of artistic direction, ultimately presenting and moving forward with the revised look for the show.

We called the concept “Data Feed”. It’s inspired by the clarity of minimalism. This clean world focuses the spotlight on the athletes of the Pac-12. It’s injection of digitally inspired typefaces and iconography makes the presentation feel cutting-edge and technologically “connected”. The bright colors and quick movement bring a youthful, fun energy. And when viewed as a whole, the design takes a modern, west-coast vibe that achieves a balance of playful and serious.

The new design successfully elevated the show’s look to the “flagship” level. It re-energized the show, bringing an entirely new feel to the internal content, and inspiring new segments within the show. The new look has set the stage for the show to continue to grow, and the package is built to grow with it.




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