Square Enix: E3

E3 is the biggest convention in gaming, and Square Enix being one of the biggest names in gaming…they needed to have a stand-out focal piece for their convention booth. Kenwood Group tapped Elastic Creative to help visualize this centerpiece, with the mission of matching the diamond-shape environment surrounding the booth while giving each game their own ability to shine.

As a solution, the piece takes an Escher-esq approach, created worlds within worlds. Ambient lighting changes to match the cover art of each game, providing the correct look and feel. In total, 16 micro-worlds were created, with a singular :45 montage to cycle through the titles in a showpiece.


Client: Square Enix
Agency: Kenwood Group

My Role:
Art Direction, Animation, Design

Other Credits:
Studio: Elastic Creative
Creative Direction: Drew Fierro
Design/Animation: Chris Bjerre