Yahoo: YScreen! Launch

Produced in the short span of 1 week, this piece was the announcement for the new Yahoo! product YScreen!, their online streaming content platform with original shows and content. The video was played for an exclusive audience at the 2012 CES Convention.

My role was to visually conceptualize the exterior of the animations ‘event’. This include the Main Building, the surrounding city, and the shot sequence leading up to it. The client desired a ‘movie premier’ style approach, leading the artwork to a Hollywood approach; mega-spotlights, velvet ropes, and in this case a purple carpet to be more branded.


Client: Yahoo
Project: Product Launch/Reveal
Studio: Westernized Productions

My Role:
Art Direction, 3d/2d Animation

Other Credits:
Creative Director: Marcello Grande
Executive Producer: Brandon Grande
Art Directors: David Rickles
Design: David Rickles, Scott Bartholomew, Zach Freeman
3d Animation: David Rickles, Scott Bartholomew, Alec Cummings, Masan Yi, Ryan Massiah